Mystery Video: Mysterious Structure Discovered on Mars
Photo: NASA / Google Mars David Martines was looking around Google Mars when he happened to find a large building-like structure in the northern hemisphere of the planet. He has dubbed it "Bio-Station Alpha," because he assumes someone or something is living in it. Martines estimates that the white structure is over 700 feet long and 150 feet wide. It can be found at the following coordinates on Google Mars: 71 49'19.73"N 29 33'06.53"W. I checked it out in Google Mars myself and, yes, the anomaly really is there. Read more and watch the video. Then tell us what you think. Video: Mysterious Structure Discovered on Mars originally appeared on Paranormal Phenomena on Sunday, June 5th, 2011 at 14:17:30.Permalink | Comment | Email this.. Read full article

 Posted Jun 09th 2011
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