Crypto Zoology The hungry little toko-losh
"The locals in Africa have a legend of a little man or creature who is about a meter tall, has a round face, a mouth full of sharp teeth, and drags people off to eat," reports Mike. "I always grew up laughing at the idea of the Africans lifting their beds up on bricks to escape this thing they call the toko-losh.... "But one day when I was about 14 I was standing at a quiet dam fly fishing and heard a rustling sound in the grass behind me and to the left. I turned and saw about twenty creatures that matched the description exactly. I stood for about five minutes watching the procession go by. I then packed my tackle and left. Since then I have not seen anything more of them, but firmly believe they exist." What was your reaction to Mike's story? Ridiculous, right? Twenty little marching toko-losh (or tokoloshe or tikoloshe)... Crazy. But... people around the world for centuries have claimed to see creatures that are thought of as legendary: leprechauns, fairies, mermaids, gnomes -- even chupacabras and Bigfoot! And these people will swear they are telling the truth! So what is happening? These reports don't necessarily mean that these creatures exist, but we have to wonder what the mechanism is that causes people to see these things. In many cases we can rule out "wishful thinking" because often the witnesses are surprised by the sightings; they don't expect to see the creatures. So is it a manifestation from the collective unconscious, from the deep recesses of our memories and imaginations -- not necessarily hallucinations, but physical manifestations, if only a temporary ones? If these are not paranormal or cryptozoological mysteries (and they might be), they are at least mysteries of human psychology, consciousness, and perhaps of reality itself. In any case, I'm sure Mike is glad the toko-losh did not drag him off to be eaten.The hungry little toko-losh originally appeared on Paranormal Phenomena on Monday, April 2nd, 2012 at 22:16:52.Permalink | Comment | Email this.. Read full article

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