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Some very interesting reports were posted recently by Mrs. Daffodil concerning sightings and even verbal encounters with Captain E. J. Smith, captain of the famously ill-fated RMS Titanic some time after the ship sank. The gigantic, "unsinkable"  luxury liner met its fate with an iceberg on April 14, 1912 (it sank on the 15th), and by all accounts, Captain Smith went down with the ship. A former shipmate, however, by the name of Peter Pryal claimed to have met and talked with Smith, with whom he had served for more than 17 years, three months after the disaster on the streets of Baltimore. When Pryal inquired how the Captain was, he replied, "Very well, Pryal, but please don't detain me; I am on business." Was it a ghost, or could Captain Smith possibly have survived the Titanic? The Titanic's other link to the paranormal are the many premonitions of its sinking: The most famous is the novel, Futility: Or The Wreck of the Titan, published in 1898, which contained dozens of eerie parallels between the story's Titan and the Titanic -- so many, in fact, that it feels as if it could have been written after the Titanic's sinking. Several would-be passengers canceled their passage on the ship because of feelings of doom and foreboding. Captain Smith might have had his own premonition. When he was notified he would captain the ship on it maiden voyage, he remarked, "Well, if the largest liner in the world sinks, I shall go with it." Read of more ghosts at sea: Ghost ships and phantom ships The Haunted Queen Mary Haunted Cruise Ship Cruise Ship Evil Spirit Top Theories for the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle The Paranormal Titanic originally appeared on Paranormal Phenomena on Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 at 21:27:40.Permalink | Comment | Email this.. Read full article »

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