Conspiracy Readers Submits Sighting in Virginia
The following information was sent to me by a reader in reference to the article Police Helicopter and UFO Dogfight. This reminds me of something I witnessed several years ago. In Broadford, VA, 8 miles north of my hometown, Saltville is the largest electrical substation on the east coast. It handles millions of volts and switches power back and forth between southwest Virginia, and Ohio. One night, I and 2 friends were riding around sipping beer as country boys are apt to do. Now being veteran beer drinkers and only having a couple apiece, we were NOT drunk. If you put it in, you have to let it out, so we stopped at the gate to the substation to do so. While standing there, we observed a strange light come through the sky over the substation. Out of nowhere there appeared 2 jets; I assume they were military jets, because of engine sound, speed, and the fact it was a pair. They came up one on each side of the object. They kept pace for a good distance, then without slowing down the object shot straight back between the jets. The 2 jets and the object kept circling and repeating this maneuver 3 times, before the object took off due north leaving the jets behind. Thanks to Rusty Readers Submits Sighting in Virginia originally appeared on UFOs / Aliens on Wednesday, August 7th, 2013 at 02:36:52.Permalink | Comment | Email this.. Read full article

 Posted Aug 08th 2013
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