Crypto Zoology Reader Report: "I might have shot Bigfoot"
"This took place on my farm near the town of Orick, California on May 30, 2007," reports Jeff S. "It was dark out and I was inside my home watching television. I heard some strange noises outside, so I got up and looked out the back window. I saw a large man covered in black fur run past my yard light. I grabbed the shotgun and ran outside. I heard a ruckus in my chicken barn and started walking over there when I saw a big, dark figure come out of the barn. It started to walk away, so I aimed the shotgun and fired. "When I shot, I heard a loud scream of agonizing pain. It sounded non-human. In the morning, I went to the chicken barn and saw at least a dozen chickens dead, some of their heads torn off. I went to where I shot the dark figure and I saw a blood trail. I followed it for miles before I gave up. The blood trail still continued, but I didn't follow it all the way. I have never seen the figure again." Thanks for that report, Jeff, but I have a few comments and questions about this story: Is it common custom to shoot at trespassers in Orick? Shoot and ask questions later? After all, it could have been a man in a heavy coat. Did you report this incident to anyone? Local authorities? Bigfoot research groups? Were there any footprints? Did you take any photos? Of the chickens? Of the blood trail? Seems like this would have been a great story for the local paper. Did you have the presence of mind to collect any samples of that blood? It could have been valuable evidence if the creature was a Sasquatch. What do you think of Jeff's story, readers? Is he just pulling our leg with this extraordinary claim? Or did Jeff in fact have an extraordinary encounter? Also see: Should we try to kill a Bigfoot? I Shot a Strange Creature Shot Something Weird Reader Report: "I might have shot Bigfoot" originally appeared on Paranormal Phenomena on Monday, July 30th, 2012 at 18:37:19.Permalink | Comment | Email this.. Read full article

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