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"It was 1979 and  I was 9 years old," reports Katy. "My family had just moved to Bridgman, Michigan. One summer morning, about 9 a.m., I was outside with my sister. We had started walking down the street and  I happened to look back... and saw a fly that was the size of a small car just hovering about a foot or two off the ground!  I just stared at it, but did not feel any fear.  It was incredibly detailed, but instead of lingering, I turned to run to get a witness, and fell down and scraped my knee.  When I got up, it was gone.  I still don't know how this is possible." I know what you're all thinking: Why would I post such a ridiculous and clearly impossible story? After all, a car-sized fly is not in the same realm of possibility as, let's say, a person who comes back from the dead (a ghost) or a giant hominid that no one can seem to find (Bigfoot). Or is it? It's possible that Katy made up the story, but let's assume she truly believes her experience was real. It could be that she was hallucinating, as I'm sure most of you suspect because a fly of that size surely would have been noticed by other people. But if we want to venture down the rabbit hole and consider the possibility, as some mainstream scientists now are, that we all live in an elaborate computer simulation (somewhat like The Matrix), then virtually anything is possible. A temporary glitch in the program produced a Volkswagen-sized housefly before correcting itself. Yes, anything would be possible -- including ghosts and Bigfoot in all their frustrating elusiveness (and many other aspects of the paranormal). What I want to know is: Have you had an experience with the impossible? An experience so weird, so crazy, so "out there" that you've always hesitated to even talk about it because people would think you're nuts? I have actually had one of those experiences (and not alone either), and I'll write it up a little later this week. But right now, I want to hear your true experience with the impossible. Tell it here.Reader Report: Gigantic Fly originally appeared on Paranormal Phenomena on Monday, September 9th, 2013 at 22:56:27.Permalink | Comment | Email this.. Read full article »

 Posted Sep 10th 2013
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