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"My nephew, 13, asked if he could speak privately to me this weekend," reports Christina. "He's been living in his current house, which his family had built when he was about 7. He constantly sees shadow people around his house, but was very upset when telling me that one night he woke up to his bedroom door open. When he looked toward the door, there were several monks coming into his room. They surrounded his bed. After a few minutes, they were gone. About a month later, a woman in a white dress carrying a covered tray came into his room and told him to open it...." Read more and my response.Reader Report: Ghostly Monks Around the Bed originally appeared on Paranormal Phenomena on Monday, April 21st, 2014 at 20:31:11.Permalink | Comment | Email this.. Read full article »

 Posted Apr 22nd 2014
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