Ghosts & Spirits Reader Report: Caped Cemetery Phantom
"I was visiting my grandfather's grave at dusk," reports David R. "I noticed this man staring at me and he had a cape on, like a magician would. Then he ran across the cemetery with this cape flowing in the wind. I thought this was strange: a man with a cape on at a cemetery. Then he stared at me again with these eyes. I got in my car and wondered if I had seen a ghost or demon. I'll never forget the look he gave me." David, it could very well have been some guy dressed up with the intention of getting the kind of reaction that he did from you: to freak people out visiting the cemetery. To me, the cape seems too theatrical to be a genuine paranormal phenomenon. There are a lot of weird people out there, some trying to create ghostly legends and paranormal hoaxes. This is my guess, of course, and I cannot say for certain that it wasn't a ghost you saw. Other people also have reported caped phantoms: Seven Foot Shadow Man Black-Cloaked Entity The Cloudy White Figure The Day My Father Met the Devil The Berini Haunting Attacked by Hooded Beings Grim Reaper on the Patio Hooded Being Possessed Our Car Reader Report: Caped Cemetery Phantom originally appeared on Paranormal Phenomena on Monday, January 27th, 2014 at 18:45:55.Permalink | Comment | Email this.. Read full article

 Posted Jan 28th 2014
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