Conspiracy Pilot Reports UFO near Commercial Airliner over Pennsylvania
As you know, we always ascribe high credibility to sightings by pilots. A very recent report from Pennsylvania is no exception. Submitted through the MUFON open sightings files, the private pilot saw something quite extraordinary on June 3. He was outside on his porch when he saw what he described as a disc-shaped UFO flying extremely close, and slightly above, a large, commercial airliner. The pilot stated that the skies were clear, and he could see contrail from the large jet, but the disc-shaped UFO had none. He called out two of his relatives, who also watched the happenings above. The UFO hovered above the airliner, before ascending away at a 70 degree angle. What do you think? Pilot Reports UFO near Commercial Airliner over Pennsylvania originally appeared on UFOs / Aliens on Friday, June 11th, 2010 at 01:50:13.Permalink | Comment | Email this.. Read full article

 Posted Jun 17th 2010
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