Mystery News: Horrifying Clown, Science Considers Paranormal, Indrid Cold
Paranormal news and views for March 29, 2014: How to prove the paranormal: scientists discuss Horrifying clown is haunting Staten Island Scientists find a way to read minds Can MIT help solve the mystery of Bigfoot? Ghost hunt: "The crypt was large and empty. Then I realised I was not alone" Strange disappearances and multidimensional journeys A chilling night on the hunt for spooks at RAF Binbrook The paranormal investigator who's also a comedian We're more likely to believe in the supernatural than God Rick Dyer publicly admits dead Bigfoot was a hoax all along Demons, mummies, and ancient curses at the British Museum Dwarf planet discovery: Hidden Super Earth in solar system Mysterious series of deaths in banking industry The case of Indrid Cold After near-death, woman claims conversation with Jesus Haunting new crime special: Restless Souls seeks answers beyond the grave Get these stories and more paranormal news Follow on Facebook | Follow on TwitterNews: Horrifying Clown, Science Considers Paranormal, Indrid Cold originally appeared on Paranormal Phenomena on Saturday, March 29th, 2014 at 15:58:17.Permalink | Comment | Email this.. Read full article

 Posted Mar 30th 2014
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