Crypto Zoology News: Dungeon Ghost, Chupacabras, UFO Sightings
Paranormal news and views for March 23, 2013: Paranormal investigators see orb, torso in old dungeon Paranormal TV show "too scary" for kids Bigfoot believer shares hairs: "I wouldn't give it up for anything" The spiny-backed chimpanzee - a Congolese chupacabra chimp 42 mutilated sheep in Comayagua Unexplained tremors shaking up South Jersey Pilot baffled by object in sky over Port Aransas Unexplained aircraft leave South Whidbey Refrigerator shaped UFO causes odd car troubles in Wisconsin Podcasts worth listening to: chupacabras, djinn, Australia paranormal, mysterious disappearances Get these stories and more paranormal news Follow on Facebook | Follow on TwitterNews: Dungeon Ghost, Chupacabras, UFO Sightings originally appeared on Paranormal Phenomena on Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 at 18:27:01.Permalink | Comment | Email this.. Read full article

 Posted Mar 25th 2013
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