Crypto Zoology News: Dead Bigfoot Photo, Mayan ET Contact, Ghosts and Energy
Paranormal news and views for April 26, 2014: Rare photo of a "dead Bigfoot" is older than thought Mexican government: Mayan documents prove ET contact Can you really conjure up a ghost with just energy? 6 fascinating unsolved mysteries involving cryptic messages Pennsylvania woman claims she's Virgin Mary's cousin Near-death experiences of the blind The science behind Bigfoot odor Loch Ness monster is "spiritual," say Buddhists Locals in Bethel, Alaska report "hairy man" sightings Hauntings: Using pseudoscience to teach scientific thinking School claims it can teach the paranormal UK support group for people who have had contact with ETs Bishop James Long: Ghost Adventures is not fake Atlantis was Indus valley plateu? The terror that lingers: The mysterious Harlequin Get these stories and more paranormal news Follow on Facebook | Follow on TwitterNews: Dead Bigfoot Photo, Mayan ET Contact, Ghosts and Energy originally appeared on Paranormal Phenomena on Saturday, April 26th, 2014 at 12:41:25.Permalink | Comment | Email this.. Read full article

 Posted Apr 26th 2014
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