Crypto Zoology FRIDAY POLL: Rains of Fish and Frogs: What's the Cause?
Every year there are several documented reports of rains of small fish, frogs, or some other small creatures. There was just such a report in this past week's news from Agusan del Sur in the Philippines, where it rained a species of small fish. Similar accounts have come from all over the world for centuries. What could possibly be the cause? Skeptics say that the animals must have been picked up from shallow ponds or streams by tornadoes or strong winds, carried perhaps for miles, then dropped to earth. (If this were the case, then we'd expect the wind to drop various kinds of small animals, plants, etc., but usually just one species of the animal is found.) Other theories include: an ongoing act of creation by a Deity; seeding of the planet by aliens; they are dropped from another dimension or time; or they are just mistakes of perception (it only looks like they've dropped from the sky). Of course, some would say the reports are just hoaxes. What do you think? Take the poll: .. Read full article

 Posted Jan 22nd 2012
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