Conspiracy DISCLOSED! An Evaluation of the Big Day's Impact upon Society
Is the looming acceptance of visiting intelligent lifeforms upon planet Earth really that big of a deal? I'm not so sure. Some think that a formal Disclosure announcement by a nation's President or Prime Minister would create riots, stock market crashes, suicides, but I doubt it. I mean, this is a time and age where one can go to practically any large western city in the world and see people that actually look like aliens. Spend some time on "le Boulevard Ste-Catherine" in Montreal, for instance, and one's eyes will be treated to seeing scores of people adorned with green hair, tattooed faces, striped nylons, fluorescent coloured shoes, pierced lips, noses, and ears, wild looking contact lenses, and much else. .. Read full article

UFO Digest
 Posted Nov 21st 2009
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