Psychic / ESP Afghanistan: Mineral Wealth may Change Everything
The US (and especially the Brits, one of the few countriesleft in the "coalition"), are being pressed by voters to get their troops out of Afghanistan, which seems to many people to be a futile war being waged in a country with no desire to become democratic. One of the problems with our leaving is the fear that the country would revert to the farming of opium poppies, which end up as illegal drugs on the streets of major Western cities. Now a trillion dollar treasure trove of minerals has been discovered inAfghanistan, which may provide the country with a new economic base that would make poppy farming much less appealing. This includes the world's largest supply of lithium, which is essential to the future of nonpolluting electric vehicles, as well as batteries for laptop computers and other modern communication devices... Read full article

 Posted Jun 16th 2010
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